Kalen Lewis Hayman

Born Canadian, studied American, photographer, video producer, former reality tv star, oldest brother of four, coffee addict and media misfit.

It was my family’s short stint in the U.S. of A. that shaped my formative years in music culture, photography and people.  My mother was a playwright while my father worked in television.  Exposure to media and the arts inspired me to pick up the camera and involve myself amongst other passionate and expressive people.  After several years in Los Angeles and San Francisco I returned to Toronto to eventually find myself as cast on one of Canada’s first big reality TV shows, U8TV The Lofters.  I later picked up the video camera and started filming music documentaries that led to my producing for such national networks and brands as bpm:tv, MuchMusic, MSN Entertainment, the 2010 Winter Olympics, Warner and Sony Music, The Juno’s, TIFF and the list goes on.  While independence has been at the forefront of my existence so has capturing people’s stories through video, photography and writing.  I love to shoot, interview and package content in an honest and captive way.  Today I offer clients my classic and timeless  approach to shooting and producing content.  While not everything in life is black and white I want the stories we share to live on forever. 

– Kalen

Clients:  RedBull, MuchMusic, Sony Music, Jim Beam, Wrigley, CBC
Industry:  Media, Video Production, Photography, Marketing