She’s one of our favourite humans, you would agree if you met her.
DJ Feel Good Smalls is a small town girl who made it to the “big smoke” in Toronto putting aside her environmental studies to pursuit her dreams of being a DJ.  Well, she did it and is doing it and has been doing it for some time now!
Our hero has already fled the coupe after hitting the proverbial glass ceiling in Toronto.
When you hear the word DJ you probably think about someone playing music at a bar or club.  That’s only part of it if not only the beginning.  Feel Good Smalls has played a tonne of events with all the “big boys” and big brands.
Don’t confuse this unicorn as bubble-gum pop playing DJ, no, Feel Good Smalls is a hip-hop head playing a range of reggaeton, house and dance music.
While most creative Canadian talent looking to make a jump in their career head to New York or Los Angeles this beauty instead took off to the U.K. where dance music offers a global culture.
The tune you are listening to is her first original produced single, “Lose Control”.  This marks a huge step in a DJ’s career as Feel Good Smalls can now add ‘Producer’ to her resume.  A respectable title in the music industry.
Feel Good is my hero.  Small in size yet big in spirit.  Her smile, laugh and optimism shines bright.  It’s a reflection of how much she loves what she does for a living.  The U.K. is a seemingly great move on her part and exciting to watch as a friend makes moves across the pond.
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