Take basic social media platform and amplify with better content.

Wow Kalen, can you have a more boring tagline?

What I’m trying to share with you is that A) I love juicing and B) you should make better content and C) I can help you

For starters, be genuine!  Viewers want authenticity.  Vulnerability and humility is another big one.  I understand you need to be professional, but that doesn’t mean you have to mask who you are!  Look at me, being a complete idiot, but, I’m being as vulnerable as fuck.  It’s more entertaining!


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But for real, if you are going to differentiate yourself from your competitors, then find great spokespeople who translate on-camera too.  Some public speakers aren’t great on camera, and vs versa.

Then you want good sound and lighting equipment or a quiet space near a window if you’re using . your phone.   But Kalen still likes cameras, so he brings out his gear.

Then find a tangible product or tool to display or represent your brand on camera.  In my latest silly rant stream of IGTV videos, I use fruits and vegetables to get my conversation about health going. Now while I likely don’t have a streamline of conscious purpose to my videos (besides displaying how I can execute video content) present your case, product or service and why we should listen to you!

Then we edit out all the bad boring parts and keep the gold, that’s how we package you!

I’m sure you feel better about your life already.  Especially since no one will read this far, except you! xoxo