The most charming chiropractor in town came in-studio for his close-up.

Dr. Chris Oswald must have been born with the million dollar smile.  He’s great to be around and always excited about life, business and his family.  He’s built his business on the tails of  his father’s chiropractic practice and has steadily been building his empire ever since.







I first met the Doc shooting a promotional video alongside publicist, Shauna Ireland, in his home with his family, two of his darling children and his vibrant wife, Shannon.  Along with  good genes there are strong family values within the Oswald household.  These were people I liked being around.  Generations of life was happening from Chris’s father to his kids, we were there to capture their dynamic and camaraderie.


















With a multitude of TV appearances and Shopping Network sales hitting record numbers both in Canada and the U.S. Dr. Chris has affiliated himself with a plethora of professional athletes and surprisingly, gamers in the gaming industry!   His Muscle Care products have become a driving tool pushing his brand and business, and it seems to be working well in his favour.









Chris is amongst a handful of entrepreneurs that I both admire, respect as a colleague, client and friend.  You can learn more about the Doc and his team here.