Small Town Misfit Turned Big City Maverick

Where did I find this beauty of a maven model man resembling a mix of Charlie Hunnam a.k.a. ‘Jax’ from Sons of Anarchy and Marvel comix ‘Thor’ and  whomever else comes to mind when you first meet Ryan McLeod?  We were chopping new technology for a big cigarette company on Queen West in Toronto, the “trendiest street in North America” when I asked the flyest guy there if he’d be down to take some photographs.  He said yes.

Who is Ryan McLeod?

Just some punk from a tiny island on the west coast.

Where did the name ‘Runway’ come from?

I walked in Mastercard fashion week a couple years back and everybody made fun of me.

What brought you to Toronto?

I worked in a restaurant in Vancouver and when they expanded to Toronto I saw an opportunity to see a new city.

What influenced your long hair and tattoo look?

I’m too cheap to get a haircut and I wanted to look tough.

How did your hometown values shape your character today?

I’m really good at shotgunning beers.

What is The Dime?  Who goes there and what is the atmosphere?

The Dime is a lovely little restaurant where all my friends come for inexpensive food and a good laugh.

What do you love about your job as GM and what does it entail?

I love seeing my staff grow.  A good GM is almost always on… sometimes I hate my phone but I think the position might help me become a half decent father one day.

What type of company do you keep?  Who are Ryan’s friends?

Working in the industry you tend to know a lot of bartenders and they usually have a similar schedule so it’s easier to make time for each other.  I try to hang out with intelligent people in hopes that some of their intelligence might rub off on me.  My two brain cells are trying extra hard just to answer these questions.

Long term dreams and aspirations?

To learn time travel so I can find enough time to sleep, eat, work more and still have friends.

Misconceptions about ‘Runway’?

There isn’t really a misconception … my friends and I are constantly pranking each other.