I’ve continued to work Kalen throughout the years as a trusted supplier, colleague, and friend. His creativity and motivation for doing good work make him an asset to anyone looking to produce authentic, compelling content. I highly recommend Kalen and his team.

Stephanie Fournier
Senior Marketing Consultant

I met Kalen on a video/fashion shoot years ago. He was very professional and made everyone on set at ease. His work is very clean and modern and captures the true mood and vibe of that individuals personality. I look forward to working with him again.

Cheryl Gushue
Fashion & Beauty Expert, Media Spokesperson

A lot of work I see today lacks emotional impact but this is where Kalen shines. His images have strength and personality to last the test of time; a result of his charm and ability to put people at ease.

Jacqueline Kendall
Head of Marketing & Communications at St. Joseph Communications, Media Group

platform: CH8TV.com
project: feature profile
description: Jaqueline is a media maven in her own right. Building a career in the fashion, media and entertainment industry this woman is a light force to be reckon with.

subject: Hussein Shiraz Dallah
title: Menswear Designer
brand: DALLA
description: A trailer to a CHANNEL8 webisode about Hussein’s background growing up with immigrant parents who taught him hard work ethic that eventually lead to his success as a celebrity stylist and today travels the world as a fashion designer.

As a source of creativity and professionalism Kalen offers his charismatic style and his signature vision to his work. He shares his client's aspirations to make the projects unparalleled and timeless.

Melissa Leshem
Senior Marketing Manager & New Business Development

platform: CH8TV.com
project: feature profile
description: Melissa is a marketing, brand and business maven establishing her self in an impressively big-money market of hospitality brands.  Her kindness and respect to her friends, family and daily interactions is a daily reflection of her success.  We love Mel.

platform: CHANNEL8
project: web series episode trailer
subject: Sergio Senatore, hospitality entrepreneur
description: Sergio is a nightlife maverick who has cultivated a brand of trust amongst his loyal clients, friends and party people.  Raised by an Italian mother who taught him good manners and respect towards others, Sergio’s reputation has lead to an extremely successful and dream-like career.

It was an absolute delight to work with Kalen on a video project he was working on. The guy is brilliant and creative and fun to work with and I would recommend his services for any video or photography needs you might have both personally and professionally.

Paul Entherington
Partner, Senior Vice President: Etherington Generations Inc