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What does your content look like? What stories are you telling?

Less is more. You’ve heard this saying over and over again but simplicity is a virtue. You’ve seen it in Apple’s advertising. People use the word ‘simple’ and ‘clean’ over and over again. Because it works. While we are all suckers for overthinking things, knowing what you want to say is usually more valuable than knowing how you want to say it.

Just say it! Get it done! Spit it out! Get to the point, quicker. White. White is simple.

We identify white with clean. Clean feels refreshing. A blank slate. A new idea or opportunity. You feel optimistic. We like white.

Black and white. Why is black and white classic? Why is it timeless? Is it because the first film invented was black and white? So we identify it without judgement to time, style or colour? Regardless, we are fans of black and white. Video and photography. It allows us focus on our subject, who they are and what they have to say.

We like characters. People with a good story and sense of self. We like go-getters, entrepreneurs and disruptors. Casting real people for camera isn’t easy. Finding a good story to be told on-camera isn’t easy. We all have a story of how we got here and where we are going. We are all products of our environment. It’s how we chose to share our stories that matter. It reflects what signals we put out into the world and what we attract. CHANNEL8 prides itself on finding great characters and real people to shoot, profile and share their stories.

Trust. This might be one of the most unique traits that we have little control over between two people. Outside the lighting, vibe and posture of your subject gaining your subject’s trust is single handedly and arguable the most valuable characteristic a photographer or director needs to embrace. Especially when you’re asking someone to spill their guts and tell you their views and opinions on life, business and relationships.

But trust is how we connect. More so than communication. Communication is a tool.

Two people can speak two different languages and without trust neither will care to understand the other party. Willingness to listen is equally as important but with trust comes vibe and you have to want to trust before listening. And whether someone wants to tell you their truth or not is up to them. It is the story they wish to tell you in that moment. Without a history or relationship with this person, it is not up to us to judge, but to learn from each other. As they say, there are no mistakes. We may feel regret in a relationship but we are meant to learn from our encounters. From the content we read, consume and share. From the conversations we have with each other.

Packaging. This is a process that takes time, trial and error. Not over one video but over a course of a career. We believe in getting the content out there. Nothing is “perfect” so to speak. Everyone has different standards and as long as everyone involved is happy than the content must go out. No need to dwell for hours or have sleepless nights…just get it out there! We like classical music, slow motion picture and inspired sound-bytes. That’s the world we live in. That’s the world we are creating.

Everyone has a story to tell, what story are you trying to tell? You can also direct and influence the conversations you have with people to inspire you and in-turn, your audience. Have conversations you want to have. People believe in what you are passionate about. So find something to be passionate about and go for it. Your audience will follow.

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